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Fort Smith Regional Airport to Widen Taxiway A

May 25, 2010

Fort Smith, AR - The Fort Smith Airport Commission has awarded a $417,000 design contract to Morrison-Shipley for the widening of Taxiway A (West).  An existing 4,000'+ section of Taxiway A located west of Runway 1-19 will be widened 60' in width so as to be aligned with the existing eastern segment of Taxiway A.  Additionally, the project will expand & enhance the safety area in the Airport's General Aviation & FBO areas and will also recover about 108,000 SF of G.A. ramp space that is currently sited within the taxiway safety area.  Also, two existing grass islands will be paved with P.C. concrete and will expand the Airport's G.A. Ramp by approximately 189,000 SF.  Brian Maurer, P.E., and Greg Shipley, P.E., will serve as Morrison-Shipley's Project Managers.

The estimated cost of the project is $7.1 million, and it is anticipated that the construction will proceed in 2-3 phases depending on the FAA's funding cycles.  Construction is scheduled to commence in 2011 and be completed by 2013.

Other team members include Kimley Horn & Associates, Inc. (Peer Review), Aviation Alliance, Inc. (Airfield Electrical), and GTS, Inc. (Geotechnical Engineering).


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