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Top 3 Things You Need to Know about Laser Scanning

  /  Posted on: Oct 11, 2017

  The Level of Accuracy:  The Level of Accuracy, or LOA, provides a framework for scanning professionals to achieve the desired accuracy level required by the building...

Breaking Through the Ceiling!

by Aaron St. Amant  /  Posted on: Sep 27, 2016

  The perfect use for 3D Laser Scanning is to determine the many unknowns within a building that are not visible! Many times, we are required to “improvise” our field measuring techniques to get that one...

Measure Once, Model Fast!

by Aaron St. Amant  /  Posted on: Aug 30, 2016

  I remember as a young child working with my father in his wood-shop and hearing him say “Measure...

Wright on Point!

by Aaron St. Amant  /  Posted on: Jun 21, 2016

Digitally Preserving History   Frank Lloyd Wright is often considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, and by some, the greatest...

World War II Tank

By Aaron St. Amant  /  Posted on: Apr 4, 2016

World War II Tank How big is my Tank? Was the question we received about this old tank (not the battlefield kind), and we knew that this was a perfect job for 3D Laser scanning. After...

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Top 3 Things You Need to Know about Laser Scanning

  The Level of Accuracy:...

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